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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Failure of the Day: Nutrition, Part 3

Today's candidate: Luna: the Whole Nutrition Bar For Women, Nutz Over Chocolate. How nice, it's for women, for our special needs. Which apparently do not include spelling. This one has 10 grams of protein, which makes me a little nervous because it's occurred to me that the protein itself is the thing that tastes bad.

Well, it looks nice but it smells a little funny. Bite two…it's not bad…kinda granola bar-ish. It doesn't so much taste like peanut butter as have a peanut butter essence. The wee bit of chocolate on the bottom seems to actually be chocolate, which is a nice surprise. This is actually pretty good. The texture is identical to rice krispie treats, and I'm not sure you can go wrong with that.

Rating A-

(shameless bragging interlude) I just had what I must confess was a pretty damn great phone interview for a job as editorial manager for MyPleasure.com. May I tell you that they said they received 375 resumes and whittled it down to 12 for phone interviews? That's a shot in the arm, to be sure. On the plus side I would love love love that job. On the minus side I'd need to find a way to tell Chris's parents that I work for a web site that sells sex toys. I'll find out Monday if I made the cut for an in-person interview. The obvious thing to do is to keep my fingers, if not my legs, crossed.


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