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Monday, March 10, 2003

Failure of the Day: Trivia

Needless to say, Chris and I made up and are as nauseatingly lovey-dovey as ever. Had a lovely weekend with Paul, culminating with our first go at the local Pub Quiz since coming back to SF. We love Pub Quiz. Chris and I both made very serious sacrifices in what we choose to remember in order to excel at trivia games. He nuked every last detail of knowledge he may have ever learned about geography so that he might have more room in his head for character actors from the 1950s. He now knows everything about Strother Martin but can't find Chicago on a map. I myself am a great strore of all manner of random crap (I once was able to pull the name "Nancy Lopez" out of my ass to win a trivia game), but am utterly unable to tell my left from my right. Both of these examples are 100 percent true.

So imagine our shame at coming in 6th at Pub Quiz, especially considering that the winning team was comprised of mooky frat boys who named their team "Just Bomb Iraq Already." I flubbed a question about William Hurt, to whom a good portion of my early 20s was devoted. Chris missed a Star Wars question! Paul missed a science question. It was absurd. Absurd! I am at a loss to explain it.

As for the rest of the weekend, we saw the DaVinci and the Splendor of Poland exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, which had many many spectacular painings and one truly godawful one. We went to Tommy's Joynt for the first time since being back, did not see Metallica there, but ate a good deal of meat anyway. I am hungry again just thinking about it.

Today, Paul camped on the couch and was riveted to a variety of DVDs while I continued to loathe UG, who as expected, cried BABY as an excuse for delivering her work 4 days late. (The tot didn't seem to keep her from going shoping instead of delivering the work a mere one day late.) Ah, what a happy life it must be to be so content and mediocre. To never have to try! To never accept blame! She proves me right about my realization of sometime ago: I would be so much happier if I were only more stupid. At least then I wouldn't be surprised when I lose at Pub Quiz.


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