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Monday, February 14, 2005

Failure of the Day: Son of Music Poll Thingy

Ask and ye shall receive.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:

1.09 GB per iTunes. That’s not very much compared to Jeff’s whopping 19 GB but considering that I was barely even cognizant that there was such a thing as MP3s until I got the beautiful green iPod mini for my birthday, I’m making pretty good progress.

2. The last CD you bought was:

Bows and Arrows by The Walkmen. Eh. Kinda mediocre I thought. Bastard sons of Rod Stewart and the Strokes.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Brilliant Mistake by Elvis Costello. Where: At work trying to drown out the loud, open-mouthed gum chewing of my nemesis co-worker—code name: Hell Mouth.

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

The first three are wedding gimmes. I listen to them only occasionally because I still start crying when I hear them.

  1. She by Elvis Costello. I walked down the aisle to this. I love open-eyed love songs that are romantic without being naive. She/ may turn each day into/ a heaven or a hell. Yup.
  2. Can’t Hardly Wait by The Replacements. The song started playing the moment we were pronounced husband and wife. I needed the first song I heard as a married woman to be by the Mats but I didn’t much care which one it was. This was Chris’s choice, and an especially good one because it was a secret message to our guests that we were having a lovely wedding but hoped they would leave soon so we could get on with the lovely marriage.
  3. Be Mine by REM. Our first dance song. Another fairsies squarsies love song. And if you made me your religion./I'll give all the room you need.
  4. Peach Plum Pear by Joanna Newsom. At the risk of making my answers even more mirrored to Jeff’s than they already are, this song was extraordinarily powerful to me from the first time I heard it. Because of how fearlessly and intentionally she sings with that…that…that…voice of hers, I understood on a deeper level than ever before that you can only create with what you’ve got and you can’t try to mold it to please some outside standard. It just knocks me out.
  5. Rebellion (Lies) by the Arcade Fire. There’s this one piano key that gets beat on over and over again throughout the whole song in a way that is almost obscenely sexual to me, and quite specifically female. It’s almost maddening to listen to.
  6. Extra special honorable mention: Until it Sleeps by Metallica. I will go to my grave believing that this song is solely responsible for my remission. All the neurologists can kiss my ass, I’m going to Dr. Motherfucking Hetfield

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

Chris (duh) and Eli because I think he’ll have some interesting choices and I’m curious as to what they are.


  • At February 15, 2005 6:35 PM, Blogger Jeff Lester said…

    These are awesome responses--I'm bummed that work's been such a bloodbath I didn't get a chance to actually send you the questions, though. (How embarrassing...)

    Other assorted notes: your first three song choices are great, because I went, "Oh, yeah..." at each one of them. Totally brought back that great feeling of that lovely view over the lake and my fever-induced tinnitus.

    I'm also thrilled that someone is as knocked out by that Joanna Newsom song as me and I would have bet money (and won!) there would have been at least one Metallica song in your list.

    Finally, what's with the mother-fucking Arcade Fire? In the space of one mother-fuckin' week they went from me-never-hearing-of-them to their god-damned ubiquity. It kinda terrifies me...

    Thanks for answering!

  • At February 16, 2005 1:07 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Gak! Now I’m embarrassed for answering the poll before you actually sent it to me. It’s a vicious cycle.

    What’s odd is that I first learned of the Arcade Fire through you, albeit indirectly. The link you posted to the Newsom MP3s was to a page that also contained loads of rave Arcade Fire reviews. Go figure. Go know.

  • At February 17, 2005 10:53 PM, Blogger Eli B said…

    7.62 GB.

    Rupert Dances in Fins by The Toids. Bought it at a real good show, still haven't listened to it.

    I can't listen to music at work, and at home I usually put on a whole string of albums, not song by song. Last up was the best of Ella Fitzgerald.

    Oh jeez I'm just terrible at this kind of list.


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