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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Failure of the Day: Ho Hum Roundup

It's another one of those days when I don't have much to say. I feel fine. We're getting all set for our trip next week; I booked a hotel because when push came to shove, Chris is not so much of a crashing-on-a-pal's-couch kind of guy. That’s' fine by me; my new PJs are entirely see-through and not so appropriate for Joe's or Paul's bachelor pads. I got a great deal on a hotel in Riverside thanks to Priceline: $35 a night for a Marriott with all manner of fanciness. I'm pretty sure we couldn't beat that with a stick, and I am frankly pleased as punch.

I also joined two, count 'em, two writing/critique groups that start next week. Call me a glutton, but I need FEEDBACK, especially since it now seems that I was laughably off base when I thought I'd be finished with this draft by the end of this month. I'd neglected to consider that at some point it would dawn on me that everything I'd written so far is CRAP and in dire need of re-writes.

I also finally secured a hair modeling appointment, which involves not modeling so much as cheap hair dyeing: 20 bucks for highlights and whatever the hell else I want. I'm thinking calico at the moment, brown with yellow and black streaks. Chris still votes that I return to my Medusa glory and go green again, but for some reason it strikes me as a little unseemly. As my old friend Marty used to say: there's nothing sadder than an old rocker chick. So I suppose when faced with the palate of hair colors that occur naturally, I'll pick All Of The Above.


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