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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Failure of the Day: Horsey!

Despite myself, and despite certain associations that I’d prefer not to have, I love horse races. We used to go to the races on Chris’s birthday when we lived in Washington, but in California we go on my birthday to avoid having to go to county fairs.

Years ago I used to go to the races with my pal, Deborah, who loved the races as much as I did but with a great deal more guilt—she was a vegetarian and although these were the days before PETA, she certainly would have been a member. (These were also the days before she got cancer and I got MS and so could afford to have opinions about things that only had a negative impact on “other people.” But I digress.)

I love the races without the tiniest bit of guilt, which should be a surprise to no one since I don’t have the tiniest bit of guilt about much of anything, because, really, what’s the point of that? I love the races because it’s all the good parts of nature (pretty!) without any of the bad parts (everything else!). Plus there are hot dogs.

This morning, Chris "explained" to me that a trifecta is when you pick three horses. “Any three horses?” I asked. “Yep.” he said. As an example, he said his three horses are Silver, Seattle Slew, and Miss Tilly from Gunsmoke. “What happens after you pick your three horses?” I asked. “Sometimes the man gives you money,” he said.

In case you're wondering, I say $5 on Bandini to win.


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