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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Failure of the Day: Movies

Didn't manage to get to to Daredevil; the cycle of shame spirals on. Nice weekend otherwise though. The highlight of which, embarassingly enough, was trying on glasses frames. I've had the same pair of glasses for 10 years now and they are in surprisingly good shape, but I'm a little tired of them. The guy at the frames store thought my frames were totally hip and wacky and went on and on about how after wearing a pair like these, everything else would seem really boring. They are just big black plastic ovals, and they are Medi-Care frames for chrissakes; governement issue, literally. At the one OK'ed frame place where I went in 93 to get these, they had a choice of these and literally four others, all of which were wire frame, "Bill Gates/serial killer" specials. It was a fine example of the kind of luck that I tend to have: I really really wanted black plastic oval frames, which are what my Nana wore. These were, in effect, my dream frames.

So the guy at the frames store, in an inspired fit of commissioned salesmanship, started hauling out all manner off $400, French, cat-eye frames in various fetching shades of purple and yellow; they looked truly divine on me, and I had a swell time trying them on. Of course, when I buy new frames I will spend only a tiny fraction of that price and get frames just as lovely because I am a very, very good shopper. And I am not so easily flattered by men in bad ties trying to pull of some sort of pseudo-doctor Optician routine.

And tomorrow I am back to work; I am anxiously awaiting my fed ex'ed copy of the second beta of the Top Secret Software Update I am working on. I am clearly very powerful and important. More anxiously, I am awaiting my damn paycheck; only the second one in six weeks. After this, I should be back on track and I will be a good deal less nervous about having money and can get on with the business of being nervous about how to handle my taxes now that I am an independent contractor. I do feel very grown up: I need an accountant.


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