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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Failure of the Day: Telephones, Shoes, Banks

After waiting all yesterday to talk to Chris, when he finally called, I couldn't hear a thing he said. He thinks this is because the phone is hotel room is maybe not so good. He thinks that because he has never had to talk to himself on the telephone. The sad truth is, he is a low talker. He is generally soft-spoken, and it gets worse when he is on the phone. Maybe tonight, he will have had a little more to drink. That usually does the trick.

This afternoon, Chris's mom took pity on me and came into the city to take me out to lunch at the cafe at Nordstrom. She is a woman after my own heart, so we ate quickly and spent the rest of the afternoon trying on shoes. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in some 10 months, so I am understandably jumpy. The withdrawl! Nordstrom was kindly having a shoe sale and they had the shoes I wanted on sale for $33. Lovely black platform slides. Did they have a size 6? No. They had a similar pair that were not on sale and I couldn't quite justify spending $60 on shoes that will look ridiculously dated by summer, so I passed. But then in the mall, I found the identical shoes on sale for $25. Did they have a size 6? No. I had to settle for buying pants at a discount store on Market street.

Upon returning home I found various bank statements in my mailbox, all of them laughably incorrect. One included a check for $2600, that although tempting, didn't really seem worth cashing if it meant having to go On The Run. I spent a good portion of the afternoon on the phone with them geting that straightened out. The on to another bank, who tried to transfer funds from one account to another incorrectly, resulting in quite a wide variety of overdraft charges. Luckilly, that nice woman who set up my accounts last week gave me her card and even remembered me when I called ("Oh! The woman with all the curly hair!"). She got it figured out and I'm squared with that bank again. I can only marvel at my own maturity, navigating so ably through my various financial institutions.

And now, I've got about 4 hours of work to make up.


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