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Friday, July 25, 2003

Failure of the Day: Miscellaneous Trip

Best T-Shirts at the ComicCon:
Go Ahead, Make My Shabbos
Pirates Are the New Monkeys
Don't Drink Piss

Best Non-ComicCon/Medieval Times Highlight:
Having to wear booties and masks at Paul's lab

Most Ironic:
Chris knows everything about comics and ran into no one he knew at the convention.
I know nothing about comics and ran into three people I knew at the convention.

Most Inexplicable Booth:
Marquis Modeling Agency

Number of people who talked to me about/touched my hair:

Price of Hot Dogs at Convention:

Percentage of People at Convention Wearing T-Shirts that Chris also Owns:

Number of Women being Led Around on Leashes:

Number of Times I was Almost Knocked Over by 6 Foot Tall Pikachus and/or Squirrels:

Number of Times We Walked Right Past Stan Lee:

Biggest Unanswered Question:
The artists were uniformly short, fat, and poorly dressed. Their fans showed their devotion by dressing in form-fitting bondage gear that highlighed their perfect abs. If they love Brian Michael Bendis so much, why don't they gain 50 pounds and sit around looking surly in a Hawaiian shirt?


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