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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Failure of the Day: Weekend

Well, that was a pretty good blog drought. Part of it is that we had our pal Marcel visiting from Seattle until last night so we were a tad busier than usual. We took him on what I fear amounts to a fuddy-duddy tour of the area…lunch at Weinershnitzel in Fremont with the corresponding viewings of our high school and the elementary school classroom where we met. As I write that, it occurs to me that that sounds horrifically boring, but it wasn't so bad; we usually spend our time wandering around someplace or other chatting about stuff anyway, and there are worse places to wander than a schoolyard on a nice day.

We went to the zoo on Sunday because Chris is mad for zoos for reasons I'm not entirely clear about. I suppose they're nice enough; it's not every day you get to see an antelope urinate. Zoos also tend to serve as a human development museum, I think, because you get to see children of all age and stripe running around, excited about something or other. It's like one of those graphs that chart hunched over apes slowly morphing into homo erectus: first the bored or sleeping infants being pushed from exhibit to exhibit so their parents can wake them up and shout "Lookee! Lookee!;" then toddlers who have a vague idea that they are in the presence of the non-human but a much more specific sense that someone will soon buy them some cotton candy. By around 10 years old, the kids seem actually interested in a gross-out sort of way, which evolves into full-blown mortification by the time they are young teens being faced with the enormous elephant testicles in plain view. The pinnacle is reached when we stumble upon the guy talking on his cell phone and ignoring the lion, and the lion is looking at him.

It was a nice weekend, made complete by a smattering of David Mamet movies, lovely dinners out, and a focus group yesterday in which I told the clearly nervous woman interviewing me that I was drawn to the wireless network router we bought because it is blue plastic rather than the silver plastic of all the others, and it looked a little bit like a Tonka truck. Which is true, but I'm sure made the suits behind the two-way mirror throw their hands up.


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