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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Failure of the Day: New Job Roundup

The new job is pretty cool. It’s a bit of an adjustment--but nobody really wants to hear my tale of woe about having to actually leave the house. Other than not being located in my apartment, there's not much I can say I’m left wanting in my new form of employment. Pleasant offices in a big warehouse, very casual atmosphere, and interesting, engaging work that I can do while listening to streaming audio or CDs. After 3 days, I‘m feeling reasonably comfortable, and I’m on my way to figuring out how to still do all the stuff I’m used to doing each day now that there’s about 10 hours less of it.

Chris reports similar new job success; he now works with one of his old college roommates (who kindly DJ’ed our wedding reception and is an all around nice guy), and who knows Chris well enough that he set aside almost the entire first day so Chris could clean the office they’ll be sharing. Very sweet of him; there’s no better way to make Chris comfortable than to let him tidy up a new environment. No, really.

I think we’ll celebrate our good fortune by watching Metallica almost self destruct in their new documentary this weekend. Because we may be old, married, middle class DINKs but we still know how to rock, goddamn it.


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