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Friday, March 28, 2003

Failure of the Day: Titles

First, to business, if anyone is interested:

At the notorious Theatre Spanganga, April is Man Month, featuring a variety male performers and a star-studded live
production of Reservoir Dogs...Which is why we thought we'd kick it off with a night of perforrmances by some of the
most brilliant artitsts to grace San Francisco (and international) stages.This evening of performance by an all-star
showcase of women artists and writers promises to tickle your mind, your fancy, and if you're lucky, other, more
tangible body parts. Our cast will enthrall you with a thrilling combination of storytelling, poetry, comedy, and fiction.

The all-star lineup features Alexis O'Hara, Beth Lisick, Heather Gold, Tarin Towers, and Nancy Depper.

Chick Nite
Tuesday April 1
Theatre Spanganga
3376 19th St. @ Mission
8 p.m.
$5 and up sliding scale (pays the artists and the gallery), No one turned away for lack of funds.

That's me, tacked on at the end. The good news is that I've found a muchly appropriate section of my novel to
read on Tuesday. The news that you may take or leave at will is that I believe I have finally successfully named
the damn book. That this is the the eleventh title I've come up with should not disuade you of my sincerity that
this is THE title.

To wit, the new title is "Whateverectomy." Catchy, right? I've really only had three things removed from my body
but I've removed a great deal more from my life so it seems appropriate in that sort of touching/ sort of callous
way that seems like more or less the current rule of the day. The down side is that title evokes images of a bright
orange book jacket with fat white lettering. At least it's a distinct improvement from the image of long-haired-girl-
sitting-forlornly-on-windy-bed that seemed to pop up for all my other titles.

Ah, crap. Just in the span of time it took to write that last sentence I've come to hate the new title. How much worse
could I be a titling things? None. None more worse.


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