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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Failure of the Day: TV

Surprised, aren't you? You were all ready to hear a rant about my having to finally fork over my first quarterly estimated tax payment. But it's April 15, and everyone is bitching about the IRS right now; you can read that any ole place.

Nope, my beef is with Tuesday night TV programming. Getting right to the point, is there any good reason why 24 and Smallville have to be on at the same time? Last night? Bubkas. NOTHING on TV at all. Of course, Chris is never disappointed because he can always count on the Game Show Network. (His fondest hope is that someday all the episodes of Match Game will come out on DVD. ANY idea how much I wish I had made that up?) But by and large, Monday night is a waste of air waves.

Now, we don't really watch all that much TV. Wednesday and Thursday, there's an OK block from 8-10. Or there used to be until they switched and now probably cancelled "Ed." (Shut up. It's about going back to your childhood and finding you true love, so come on! How could we not?) And yes, Survivor. You wanna make something of it? I didn't think so. You watch it too; I'm just admitting it, is all.

But those nights, the shows we watch are on the same network, so they are conveniently scheduled consecutively. On Tuesdays, though, it's Fox and the WB, and both at 9 PM. Now, we have two TVs and two VCRs, so it's not like a crisis or anything, but we stop watching TV at 10 PM and go about our evening business. Which means we won't watch one of the shows until the next day at the soonest. I, of course, am not a BIG CHEATER and so do not get my co-workers to tell me what happened on the show we taped but did not watch. I don't SPOIL IT FOR EVERYONE. But sadly, not everyone is so trustworthy.

So it's a quandry. But one that would be easily fixed if the damn WB would just move Smallville to 8 PM, where it clearly belongs.


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