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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Failure of the Day: Adulthood

Push has finally come to shove. It's April, and I really need an accountant.

Having no clue as to where to start, I looked up "accountants" in the MSN yellow pages and searched by zip code. I found my guy right away, his office is only about 10 blocks from my house, and his name is Mr. Silverman.

Yes. I picked my accountant because he has the same name as my Ficus tree. It's kind of circular; I named the Ficus tree Mr. Silverman because Ficus trees seem like the kind of plants accountants would have in their offices, and I was a receptionist for long enough that I can't actually look at a Ficus tree without my brain picking up the phone and saying "Mr. Silverman's office, may I help you?" I never actually worked for a Mr. Silverman, but that name seemed about right.

So. Now I have to meet with him on Friday and bring all manner of financial paperwork and work out how the fuck this whole Schedule C, 1099 form business is going to work.


In cheerier news, the reading went really well last night. The audience seemed to like the bit from my novel, and the people who talked to me about it afterward all seemed enthusiastic and said they wanted to read the whole thing. I told my friend David that the only thing I knew for sure about the piece I was reading was that it was 5 pages long. And it's true; I don't think I would have been particularly surprised if it was horrifically boring, didn't get any laughs, and just be embarrassing overall. So this is good news indeed, and I am much heartened. That makes a total of 10 pages that I have showed to strangers and gotten favorable reviews (favorable reviews from friends don't count in the Nancy world). Only 140 pages to go!


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