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Friday, August 01, 2003

Failure of the Day: Theft

Spent a terrific couple of hours with Jeff yesterday, during which I took the opportunity to pillage him of whatever thoughts he has on dentistry so that I might form some idea of what to do with the satanic Chapter 18. Jeff didn't disappoint (as if he ever does, especially in the Interesting Thoughts department) and told me he realized at some point that dentist offices were actually a kind of Dionysian cult.

Lucky for me he explained what he meant so I didn't have to wear my "I-majored-in-Humanities-not-English,-damnit" shitgrin and wonder how to spell "Dionysian" for that night's Google search for long.

Suffice to say, it's a terrific idea, and I stole it the moment he was out the door. I didn't do a good job of stealing it; I really just plopped it in there as one of Ruth's random "I'm soooo High" thoughts, but it set me off in the direction I wanted to go with the rest of the stuff that's in there. As a result of that, and of our discussion of the chapter in general, (not to mention the aforementioned huge help from Chris) my writing last night went swimmingly well. I told the Wednesday ladies that my goal was to have a draft of the chapter ready by next week's meeting, and I think I might just make it.

So Jeff, that "To loot the corpse, press Ctrl+S" thing I said that you liked is ALL YOURS.


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