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Monday, September 01, 2003

Failure of the Day: Bus, Bus, Train, Train

I got called for another job interview. It 's a cool job writing blurbs for and indexing media clips, and the company looks pretty stable and established. But it's in San Fucking Mateo, and you just can't get there from here. At least not on public transportation.

I've spent close to five hours figuring out my options and pouring over the various regional transit web sites. The fastest way: the 1 California to the 44 O'Shaunessey to BART to Caltrain. That way is an hour and 20 minutes or so, not counting waiting for the next bus/train to arrive. Ha Ha. Like that won't add another hour. One way fare for that is also close to 6 bucks.

The way with the fewest transfers is the 29 Sunset to the Paul street Caltrain station, but the 29 ride across town will take over an hour by itself. The cheapest way ($3.75) is the 38 Geary to the transbay terminal where I catch the SamTrans 391. That route will get me there in just under (wait for it) THREE HOURS.

The option I think I will go for is the 38 Geary to the 30 Stockton to Caltrain. Roughly 90 minutes and $4 each way. Not quite the across-the-hall commute I have now but doable.

Cripes. All this work and I haven't even been hired. Why can't companies be sensible and just put their damn offices in the city like a normal person?


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