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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Failure of the Day: A Surprising Bit of Pleasantness

In a great blast of good fortune I’m having what looks for all the world like a bit of a slow period at work that simply could not have been timed better because frankly, you would not believe the incredible shit that comes out of my nose that the most remarkable velocities.

Somehow, though, I am just about as cheerful as I have ever been. And sure there are those among you who will rush to point out how very little that says, really, but it’s true all the same. I’m chipper. I’m perky. I’ve no idea why. I suppose it could be that since I’m sick, I know I wouldn’t really be smoking right now anyway. It’s a bit of a thin distinction, but for the time being, I’m happy to be not smoking because I’m sick rather than because I’m a non-smoker.

It’s also that Chris has somehow managed to become even more hilarious than usual lately, and I have actually had to develop a “Seriously, shut up, I’m going to pee my pants” hand gesture.

Also, I think that whole “restored sense of taste” thing finally kicked in because right now everything is Just Incredibly Delicious. I had Arby’s on Sunday and lemme tell you, it was Just Incredibly Delicious. And the scrambled eggs Chris made me! My god! Just Incredibly Delicious. Oh, and I had a little sample Joseph Schmidt truffle on Saturday and I actually felt ripples of deliciousness pass over my entire face. I’m not kidding. I felt the deliciousness on my eyelids.

So ok, today, at least, is a good day to be a non smoker. It’s Day 64, by the way.


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