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Friday, July 16, 2004

Failure of the Day: Bands du Jour
Because I am all super trendy and down with kids and all, but yet still kind of old and slow, I have only recently begun listening to Death Cab for Cutie. On Transatlanticism, which I think is their latest CD, here’s what 100% of their songs are about:
One time, this thing happened, and it made me sad.
The thing is, it’s really, really good. Of course, I love them helplessly. They are so dang sensitive. There’s not a lot of rock and roll that I would characterize as cuddly, but Death Cab are goddamn care bears. In my defense, I am reasonably certain that they are at least pretty well-read care bears.
I also picked up Franz Ferdinand some months ago but only started listening to it this week. I’m not sure if I really really like it or if I think it is just funny in that “1982? Seriously?” kind of way. My podiatrist liked it though. Is that a general plus for FF or a minus? Is there an alternative universe in which podiatrists are the ultimate trend setters? How did my podiatrist end up burning an illegal copy of my FF CD during my last office visit? Why do I have a podiatrist?
I don’t know. Probably minus.
He’s a little odd and I am maybe too accommodating, but he didn’t charge me for the office visit and it seemed the least I could do.
Bum subtalar joint.


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