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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Failure of the Day: BoilSockCloudLabor

You’ll all be relieved to know that The Boil seems to be diminishing nicely without the benefit of lancing. If nothing else, I am relieved to know that. One can’t help but feel just utterly noxious when smote with such a thing.

After finishing Sock, I have to say, I still recommend it pretty highly. It is not quite the transcendent read I thought it to be while I was sleepy, but by daylight it reminded me very much of early Palahniuk, before he decided to just go ahead and suck as much as possible. Keep in mind that I loved Invisible Monsters even more than you did, so I don’t make either of the last two statements lightly.

I’ve moved on to Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, which I know nothing about but picked up because the reviews are ecstatic and make all the right references (“Haruki Murakami meets Philip K Dick!”). It’s impressive so far, even with a first chapter that all but dares the reader to try to machete her way through the thickets of it and then ends in the middle of a word. I’ll persevere and report back.

And hey there, fellow office workers, how about that 3-day weekend coming up! I myself have not known the pleasure of a paid holiday since…um…New Years Day 1992, I think. No paid holidays at the Company in Redmond, which they tried, lamely, I thought, to pass off as a move toward political correctness (“Why should a Buddhist have to take Christmas off?”) Very difficult not to look at the all-white, all-gentile management team and tell them that I was authorized to speak for all Jews when I say that none of us have ever been offended by a paid day off.

We’ve no plans for the weekend, although Chris wants to dust at some point. I’m considering dyeing my hair again but am noncommittal. Very likely we will hole up and watch Monk and Sports Night DVDs. And even though I’ve never belonged to a labor union, when I sleep in on Monday, I won’t be offended at all.


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