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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Failure of the Day: A Tale of Two CDs

Sometime last week, Chris came home with Has Been, the Ben Folds/ ahem William Shatner collaboration. He put it on, listened to it for about ten minutes, and then calmly came into my room and said, “Would you come out here, please? I need help throwing all our other CDs away!” He made me listen to a song called something like Everybody’s Gonna Die that was HORRIBLE but that made Chris dance around the apartment so vigorously that for a while there, he was literally bouncing off the walls.

Yesterday, we took the long way home from Concord (where we had gone because I needed a thing that I could only get from this one particular store there and Chris is deep into Nancy Gets Everything She Wants weekend) and we found ourselves at the Fremont Hub, where, at the Borders, Chris picked up the new REM CD while I marveled at a bookstore that, as near as I could determine, had no literature section.

Back in the car, we drove to 7-11, got enormous slurpees, popped the new REM in the stereo, got on the freeway, and settled in to listen. Half an hour later, two things were painfully clear:

1. The San Mateo bridge was not even a little bit less congested than we imagined the bay bridge would be because of Fleet week festivities.

2. The Folds/Shatner CD is inarguably better than the godawful piece of boring REM shit.


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