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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Failure of the Day: The Good, the Bad, the More or Less Recent

Ho-lee Majoley, what a nutty couple of weeks. You know, when I signed two freelancing contracts, I knew that the possibility existed that there would be times when both clients needed 40 hours of work done in a given week. Being a fundamentally lazy person by nature, though, I don’t think I really…conceptualized what an 80 hour work week was like.

It sucks.

It sucks more because due to that godforsaken convention of Net+ 30, I didn’t get a single paycheck during the whole month of August. We knew it would be like that and had prepared for it, and we made it through quite comfortably, but nothing feels quite as crappy as working like a motherfucker and then turning blue waiting for the check to come.

Now, the 30 days are finally up and I’m actually getting paid on a regular basis, but boy, am I pooped. I was almost too tired to buy a beeeeee-autiful new frock for Jeff and Edi's wedding...almost. But then, you know, not. Still, though Chris, who works harder than me and for longer hours, looked upon me piteously and surprised me with a copy of the new Vonnegut—I didn’t even know there was one coming out, so the halls are still echoing with my squeal.

And listen to me: Turn off the computer and go but this book right now. It has what you need. It's just great. I’ve not been overwhelmed with the last couple KV offerings—juvenilia and quirky essays, meh—but this is a whole other thing. This is a beautiful collection that smoothes over you like cream, solves nothing, and still manages to make you feel all better. Trust me. You want it.


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