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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Failure of the Day: Lucky

Well, here’s a turn of events. Last week I was looking through the job postings on Craigslist just because I like to keep an eye on the market for my skill set, as they say, and I saw a cool ad that had cleverly hidden a couple dozen nitpicky proofreading and copyediting errors in it. It looked like fun to fix the errors in the ad (Wooo! So don’t ever let it be said that I don’t know how to have a good time!), and so I replied with a resume and a corrected version of their ad.

Long story short, I’m the new Lead Proofreader here. At more than (*cough*) double my current pay. Holy shit. Just…holy shit.

It’s still a contractor position, but it’s full-time, long-term, and on-site at the Redwood Shores HQ, although not in the cool Emerald City buildings…they only let engineers in there, I think.

In the 8th grade, I went on a Junior High graduation field trip to Marine World. In the last 5 minutes of our day there, with my last two quarters burning a hole in my pocket, I spent 50 cents on a single softball that I threw effortlessly into a milk jug and won an enormous stuffed dolphin that I creatively named Lucky.

I don’t know if I believe in luck. I’m on the fence about it; Penn Jillette makes an awfully good case against it. I know I’m very, very good at finding parallels between seemingly unrelated events, though.


  • At October 22, 2005 12:06 PM, Blogger Jeff Lester said…

    Motherfucker. I don't know how that story has *anything* to do with luck.


    --"like to keep an eye on the market for [your] skill set;"

    --thought it "looked like fun to fix the errors in the ad;" and

    --replied "with a resume and a corrected version of their ad."

    I'd call that initiative, skill and initiative. You absolutely *deserve* that damn job. The closest I can come to considering "luck" at all is in how the whole thing seems to suport that classic line, "Chance favors the prepared mind."

    That is absolutely amazingly great news. Congratulations!


  • At October 22, 2005 1:58 PM, Blogger Jeff Lester said…

    Although now that you've moved to San Jose, you get a job right on the cusp of San Francisco? Kinda ironic.

    Hopefully, the Big O has personal shuttles that come and pick up employees, or a personal section of the train track for express lines, or something....


  • At October 22, 2005 7:51 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Thanks! I'm still just trying to process it. It’s so strange…moving to a big Silicon Valley firm was always part of my plan of moving down here, I just wasn't expecting it so soon. And since when do my plans work out anyway? I’m telling you, it’s bizarro world down here.

    My geography sucks, but I don’t think Redwood City is closer to SF than SJ…is it? Anyway, there’s a free downtown SJ shuttle to Cal Train and Oracle does a free employee shuttle from the station near them to their HQ, AND they subsidize the train fare, so it’s a pretty nice set up. Still an hour each way, like every other commute I’ve ever had, but I tell you what, the train seriously kicks the 22 Fillmore’s ass.

  • At October 24, 2005 8:39 AM, Blogger Jeff Lester said…

    Fuck yes, it does!! I love the train

    And unless I'm mistaken, I believe Redwood City <20 mins for San Francisco and >40 mins from San Jose.... not that I should really talk, because I thought you were going to the towers off 101 near Oyster point (on the bay between Candlestick and S.F. Airport).

  • At October 24, 2005 10:45 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Sorry I haven't kept in touch of late, but congratulations on this! I can still remember you at the 25th St. hovel, trying to stretch that SSI check into another starchy white food-fest. Still in Berkeley, doing okay with the massaging. Will try to keep in touch...

  • At October 25, 2005 8:21 AM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Melissa! It's great to hear from you! Are you still at the same email address? Drop me a line and let's catch up!

  • At October 28, 2005 12:46 PM, Blogger Don said…

    Congrats. Damn. I'm envious in part cause I work for one of those big Si Valley firms and I need a change but I don't live/work anywhere near Si Valley. Out here in satellite office land it's either Infamous Megamultinational Corp, or Lowe's. 'Grats again. Have fun widdit.


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