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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Failure of the Day: Corpses

Tricked you again! Sounds like the lead-in to a morbid war blog entry, huh! Nope.

Earlier today, Chris suggested that we go see Night of 1000 Corpses at the Alexandria. That's the Rob Zombie movie that supposedly is so gross that it made the movie executives who screened it all vomit. In some circles, that passes as a selling point.

I told him that I usually draw the line at 750 corpses. I am hopeful that the matter is now settled.

But it begs a question…1000 corpses? That's kind of a random number of corpses, isn't it? And it seems…kind of not adjusted for inflation or something. Like Dr. Evil saying "One MILLION dollars!" and his henchmen all having to say, "Um…"

I mean, 1000 corpses? What's that, one cemetery full? That's not so many…seems like the townspeople alone could dispense of them. Wouldn't even have to call the deputy from the other town. Doesn't Night of 100,000 Corpses sound a little more promising?

But more than that, I'm not sure corpses alone are scary anymore. Because, look, CSI is the #1 show in the country. And that show revels in corpses! Calcified, broken up into pieces, stuffed into vats and stewing in their own fat turned to soap…that's prime time TV! 9 PM! And the investigators are all fingering the goo and smelling the foreign substances always found up in somebody's something; they love it! I sometimes wonder if they are not cross-marketing it as a dating show for necrophiliacs.

So I don't know. I think Mr. Zombie might have missed his mark with this. Not that I doubt that the movie is revolting; I'm sure it is. But maybe he needs to pick a different gross out thing to focus on, flesh eating bacteria or something, that's not so mainstream as corpses.


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