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Monday, August 04, 2003

Failure of the Day: Busy Busy Busy…Again!

I really do work full time. It doesn't seem like it, what with my 1 P.M. trips to the YMCA and late morning breaks to eat Frosted Flakes and watch reruns of the Family Guy on TBS, but I do. I get a lot done.

This week will be no exception: I've got to create outlines for six books on the Online Press imprint and incorporate the new features in each of the programs of the Office suite. It's easy and actually kind of fun; like a puzzle. Does "improved junk e-mail filtering" go in the filters topic or the Protecting Your Privacy tip?

But I also have a job pre-interview in Oakland tomorrow for a publishing company that wants me to take a 2-hour copyediting and proofreading test. I'm not thrilled about a potential daily commute to Oakland but we're deep in economic beggars-can't-be-choosers land, and the company won my heart by calling me less than an hour after I emailed them my resume. And their office is right at the Macarthur BART stop.

And my writers group meets from 1-4 the day after that. I'm dying to go; after incorporating Jeff's tidbit, Chris's excellent suggestions, and the global fixes the group pointed out after reading last week's chapter (show, don't tell, show don't tell, fuck me), I think the dentist chapter is right on the mark.

And sometime today I need to mail the rent, buy a loaf of sourdough bread, and wash my hair, a time-consuming task because I only wash my hair once a week and I need to apply enough mousse to last seven days. (It's the new conventional wisdom for curly hair: under no circumstance should you wash your hair more than once a week, if that often.)

Thursday, though, looks downright peaceful.


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