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Of all the enemies of literature, success is the most insidious

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Failure of the Day: Perk con’t.

Try not to get alarmed, but I am still in a completely terrific mood. I totally have the flu and am making almost no improvements toward getting better or hurling less crap out of my face, we have a Leak of Unknown Origin under the kitchen sink, and the heater in our apartment is getting less responsive to commands by the day, but for some reason, I’m still a-whistling a happy tune. I’ve got verve. Vim, even.

Of course, we have one of San Francisco’s few Nice Guy landlords who thinks we are just the cutest couple, so I’m not worried about the various apartment woes. They’ll get worked out, I’m sure. As for the Unfortunate Mucus Accumulation, what can I do? I drink orange juice and have bowl after bowl of chicken soup. I rest all day and take loads of cold pills. It’s weird because I have no idea how long these things are supposed to last…I’ve literally never had a cold as an adult that I haven’t prolonged greatly by smoking. I wake up in the morning and say to Chris “It’s Day 5. What happens today? Do I start to fell better yet?”

But even still, I feel swell. If it weren’t for the well established fact that I loathe xmas, I could be mistaken for someone infused with good tidings. It’s kind of starting to freak me out…I get the distinct impression that there is a piano being dropped from an airplane with my name on it. (That’s a weird Enola Gay-ish dangling modifier but you get the picture.)

I just got a really nice and unexpected xmas bonus from work…do you think that means they’re getting ready to fire me?


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