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Of all the enemies of literature, success is the most insidious

Monday, April 28, 2003

Failure of the Day: Statistics

Flu 1/ Nancy 1
Finally, whatever bug I had last week has largely been banished back into the atmosphere. I accomplished this by hurling it at high velocities into handkerchiefs, consuming cup after tiny cup of cough syrup (and a full bag of Chips Ahoy! chunky style), and cutting back my smoking by 2/3rds for about 4 days. A high price to pay but worth it to emerge the victor.

Jelly 1/ Nancy 0
Dinner at David's on Saturday night was an incredible 5+ course extravaganza as expected. Fantastic to watch Chris, who after choosing the pasta over the roasted tuna entrée, looked on as David pulled a ball of pasta dough out of the fridge and began rolling and pressing it into fettuccini. Just like the Iron Chef! I whispered. This was after we ate a salad composed almost entirely of red and yellow flowers, but before the desserts, a blackberry tart and a chocolate crepe cake. Dessert is where my battle was lost: David cleverly kept the lights low and I ate several bites of the cake before discovering that in between the layers of chocolate, crepe, and little bitty nuts were thin layers of raspberry jam. For 36 and 1/2 years, I maintained my boycott of all jams and jellies for strictly conceptual reasons. I can't bring myself to eat things that can be described as "goopy," and Poof! all my good and nonsensical work was shot to hell. Fuck me, it was good though.

Thinking about writing 1/ Actually writing 0
No but I've got really, really good ideas about this one pivotal chapter of my novel. Last week's breakthrough is how I figured out that this particular chapter was pivotal. This week, I'm stuffed full of ideas about what to do to it. At some point, I might actually stop thinking about those good ideas and try to actually write them down.

Bourgeois laziness 1/ Work ethic 0
Fully intended to do our own laundry, but got sucked into the lure of Wash and Fold again. It's just that when you walk into the laundromat and there are like 20 washers on the spin cycle and you know that each washer translates into like 3 dryers being used up, and there's not a whole lot worse than standing around the damn dryers waiting for one to get freed up, and even if you manage to get one, you really need 3 so everything takes forever to dry and you're stuck there for like 2 or 3 hours, and really Wash and Fold is only like 80 cents a pound.

Thursday's blog entry 1/ Friday's blog entry 0
Meant to write a thing about watching "On the Beach" for the first time and being totally blown away by how grim and hopeless it is and LOVING it and also noticing for the first time how much Gregory Peck looks like that actor Billy Campbell, who Chris still calls the Rocketeer, but who I call the Pointy Man on account of he was last on a TV show I called the Pointy People, which got cancelled last year. Have a total crush on Gregory Peck now, who is dead, but not so much on Billy Campbell, who is alive, and isn't that just like me.


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