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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Failure of the Day: Nutrition, Part 4

Today's candidate: PowerBar Protein Plus High Protein Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter. (Gee, do you think there's protein in it?) 24 grams of protein in fact, more than twice as much as any of the other bars sampled so far. One must assume that this thing is clearly much, much better for me than the others…or it could be just that bar itself is HUGE.

I'm actually a little scared of this one. It just doesn't look…friendly or something. But I press on. First bite…you have to chew it several times before you can taste anything at all, and that's at once odd and something of a relief. It is very dense and chewy and it does that thing where the bit that you bite off sticks in its entirety to the back of your teeth. Adhesive qualities notwithstanding, it has, from what I can gather after 5 bites, no flavor whatsoever. This is not a bad thing.

So, I'm like 3/4ths done with it and I'm getting really full and really thirsty. It's cool, though because with the chewing and swallowing it is remarkably like eating, but without the taste. So to sum up: I get all that protein, I am full when I'm done, and it's got a satisfying "eating" quality to it. It strikes me as very futuristic: they should call this Nutritious Edible Substance.

Rating B+


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