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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Failure of the Day: Special Guest Stars

In my ongoing ruing of the missed TMBG show last night, I mentioned to Chris about all the special guest stars that have been performing with the band. So I got to thinking about celebrity surprise appearances in general and I thought I'd list mine. I have not included instances in which I have sought out a celebrity by going to a reading of theirs or getting a backstage pass of some sort. Nor have I included people (or rather, that one guy) who are famous now but who were not famous when I knew them.

The House of Prime Rib, featuring Nicholas Cage
The record store on 9th and Irving featuring Robin Williams
The corner of Geary and Taylor featuring Bono
The flight from Oakland to Seattle featuring Danny Glover
Green Apple books featuring Anton LeVey
MOMA featuring Andie MacDowell and John Waters
Club DV8 featuring Andy Warhol
SF Art Institute featuring Winona Ryder

Wow, I just spent kind of a long time trying to remember these and now I'm not sure why. Nobody incredibly impressive on the list, although, let's face it, Chris's only celebrity encounter was with Joanna Cameron, who played the Mighty Isis on the Shazam/ Mighty Isis Power Hour on Saturday morning TV when we were kids. I myself am impressed that he was able to recognize her at all, but given Chris's vast interest in A.) Random TV information, and B.) Girls with long brown hair, it's not too surprising.


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