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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Failure of the Day: Football

So Chris played in a fantasy football league last year and got pretty into it. He watched every game on sunday and monday night and followed everything really closely. I wound up watching a butt load of football myself, mostly because Chris is so cute when he's being all butch.

This year, we each have our own fantasy football teams. I wanted to name my team the San Francisco Snatch but NFL.com ix-nayed my "inappropriate language." Same For the Chris's team name "The Fightin' Whities." They let him name his team that last year, but this year they're not allowing much of anything.

So it's getting to be close to the time when we draft our players, and I am largely at a loss. I have two ideas: 1) Steal Chris's ideas for draft picks, and 2) Make an all-Jewish team. I'm not sure if there are enough Jewish players for that though. Probably not. And Chris says it's my wifely duty not to steal his players, so I'm kind of out of luck.

Anybody know a good running back? I'm open to suggestions.


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