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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Failure of the Day: New Wave

I'm doing a really crappy job of finding new music these days. I've no doubt it's not because there's a dearth of interesting-to-my-taste stuff being made, but more because I don't have the time or the inclination to spend the time painstakingly sifting through the drek to find it. The result is that I've been listening to Fountains of Wayne and a few other old favorites pretty well without interruption.

Well, at least until my last bout of insomnia last week. I found myself at 3 AM sitting on the floor of my room trying to find something that would make my head shut the hell up and I wound up in the digital music channels ay the end of my cable TV selections. I occasionally flip through them to see what's available but I get stuck thinking about the names of the channels that interest me and what they suggest about my current demographic and it makes me a little creeped out.

But since worrying about my demographic would have been sweet relief indeed compared to pondering how severely I'd overestimated my writing ability, which was what was keeping me awake on that particular night, I went ahead and clicked the New Wave music channel on.

It's great. It's really, laugh-out-loud-in-delight great.

As I recall, New Wave, if it existed at all outside of the minds of a couple of writers for the New Musical Express, was a fad in pop music that lasted for about 8 months in 1983. This channel doesn't have much to do with that. The most accurate descriptive name for this channel I think would have to be The Quake, which some of you might remember as a radio station from the mid 80s that played the stuff no other station played at the time. I remember walking down the hallway of my dorm and hearing that station coming out of every room I passed. Sure, it wasn't long before I converted to KUSF along with everybody else who didn't live on the wrong side of a hill and so couldn't pick it up. But for a time, the Quake was the shit.

Anyway, this cable music channel is just like that and even though it tries and convicts me as a ridiculously out-of-date old fart who peaked in the 80s, as long as they keep playing Ultravox and Romeo Void, I just can't be bothered to give a shit.


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