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Of all the enemies of literature, success is the most insidious

Monday, September 08, 2003

Failure of the Day: You are Perhaps Familiar with What Happens When It Rains?

It pours. That's what happens.

For starters, The San Francisco Cervix pretty well ruled this weekend. I've got 90 points so far and I still have guys yet to play tonight. I am currently tied for 2nd place in the league. Rich Gannon is my boyfriend now. Also Shaun Alexander. Of course, I'd dump them both for the very handsome Ronde Barber if he treats me right tonight.

Also, my current company came through with a couple more weeks of work.

Also, A! Books hired me into their freelance copyediting pool, and I should start working for them this week. Love them.

Also, Virage, (the company in San Mateo) didn't hire me full time, which is GREAT because I really didn't want to make that commute every day, but they want me to work for them on an on-call, part-time basis, at a higher pay rate than they offered for the full-time job. LOVE them!

Haven't heard from the 3rd job lady yet, but really, at this point, it's all icing.


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