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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Failure of the Day: What to Wear

Finding something to wear to job interviews is hard. I don't have a lot of stuff that would fall easily into the category of garments called "work clothes" to begin with because A) I haven't had to set foot in my office for almost 18 months, and B) even when I did have to physically be there, they didn't give a shit what I wore.

It used to be that I wouldn't think of going to an interview wearing pants. You wore dresses or skirts; that's just what was done. But those were in the days when I didn't have anything that I could market as a, y'know, skill, so I had to maximize other aspects of my hireability. Look at me, I am willing to wear nylons AND answer your phones!

Of course what started happening in Seattle is that I found myself disqualified by looking way too uptight at job interviews. You just look goofy when you show up in panty hose to be interviewed by a 22 year old who's not even wearing shoes.

These days you never really know what kind of place is looking to hire an editor. Sometimes it's a super corporate HMO that needs their PowerPoint presentations perfected; other times, like today, it's an honest to god dot com that still in business and doing well. The managing editor who spoke to me wasn't exactly barefoot, but not far from it. Pretty good looking offices too. In SAN MATEO. Did I mention they're in San Mateo? The commute SUCKED and the pay is less that I would hope for. Still, if neither of the other jobs I interviewed for this week comes through, I'd be a fool not to accept an offer should one come my way. It went well, I thought.

I wore pants, by the way.


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