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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Failure of the Day: I am The Ruiner

At a bit of a loss as to what to write today, I asked Chris and he said to write about how I ruined the one fun thing he tried to do today. And that's better than writing something about the Recall, which I was strongly considering.

Chris has this thing that he likes to do when he is leaving my room. When he closes the door behind him, he gives the knob a little jiggle so it sounds like he has locked me in. Of course, my door doesn't lock from the outside, so when I go to turn the knob and open the door, he likes to grip the knob and lean all his weight into keeping the door shut. It's locked, see? It's what you call a regular laugh riot. Hilarity ensues.

Tonight, after he "locked" me in, I got distracted by my bookshelf. And so I didn't try to open my door. After about 3 minutes, a very dejected Chris poked his head in my room and asked a heartbreaking "Heeeey…What's going on?"

"Shoot," I say, "I didn't try to open the door! I'm sorry! I ruined your fun!"

"Yeah, and it's the only fun thing I got to do all the live long day, and you ruined it! You are the Ruiner." And he hung his head and took teeny little steps out of my room. As soon as he closed the door, I tried to open it, but the knob turned and the door swung open. And there was Chris, his chin on his chest, slowly making his way down the hall muttering, "Sure sure but it's too late now…

So it's true: I am the Ruiner.


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