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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Failure of the Day: Martin Sheen

Did anybody else get really turned on by watching Martin Sheen as President Bartlett take communion last night? (No, I know: it's just me.)

I can't help it; there was just something so intimate and personal about it because for some reason it seemed like method acting wouldn't extend to figuring out the manner in which the character would take communion. And because Martin Sheen is catholic, I just went ahead and assumed he took it like he usually does in real life.

And that's pathetic. Not just because I continue my inappropriate crushes on celebrities, not just because the inappropriateness of my choices is ever-increasing, and not just because I sexualized a fictional character in a setting of not just religious solemnity but of great personal crisis as well. I think it's most pathetic because I fell for the oldest trick in the book: thinking that a consummate professional really is slipping up and giving me a peek behind the curtain.

And despite all that, when I think about that scene from the unrelentingly grim episode of The West Wing that aired last night, I still am turned on. There's nothing I can do. I don't have any idea what it is about Martin Sheen, but holy majoley, he does it for me.


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