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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Failure of the Day: Not Talking about Not Smoking

Seriously. Let’s talk about something else for a while.

So, it’s NaNo season day after tomorrow, and despite swearing for damn near 8 months that I would in no way be participating again, I’m fixin to hurl 50,000 words into a Word document in 30 days again. It won’t be pretty, and I have no aspirations for this years effort except that it might, when I’m done, be a useful stewpot of filler to plug up some of the holes in last year’s NaNovel.

Despite that, I managed to come up with a title that I adore: “Variations on a Fist.” Here’s the premise:

A woman believes herself to be a crippled, unmarried smoker despite the fact that she can walk, has a husband, and doesn’t smoke: Discuss.

Otherwise known as a potpourri of the dregs of my identity issues, which have now grown so thin that I need to use all three at once to fill 175 double-spaced pages. To what extent is that a good thing? To what extent is that a bad thing? Discuss.

The title, by the way, came from the ASL alphabet. The M and the S are both fists; the only thing that changes is where you put your thumb. Which I thought was cool, anyway.


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