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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Failure of the Day: Democracy

That's a pretty literal header for a change, because today truly represents a failure of democracy. That a tiny fraction of the population, most of whom did not vote in last election and were in fact paid to sign the damn petition, can overthrow a duly-elected governor who has committed no crimes, strikes me as a horrendous assault on the principles we're all supposed to hold so dear. And that the winner of this election will likely be the person who got the 2nd most votes has to be some form of treason.

I'm not the most patriotic girl in the world by a longshot and there is no shortage of things about this country that repulse and appall me, but the ideal at the core isn't one of them. And isn't the entire crux of democracy holding fair elections? If Davis is recalled, this will make the second time right-wing zealots have used obscure and/or antiquated "laws" to utterly debase the notion of fair elections.

There are plenty of ways to corrupt how votes are secured by candidates. Plus there's voter fraud and ballot box stuffing and the like. You'd think that would be enough; you know, you'd really think that with all those tricks they wouldn't need to get any dirtier. But they did, they figured out a way to corrupt that simplest of ideas: who ever gets the most votes wins.


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