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Of all the enemies of literature, success is the most insidious

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Failure of the Day: March Sadness: While You Were Gone Pt. 4

Boy, was I ever hungry today! All day long, my stomach rumbled and grumbled but I didn't have a dime with which to buy food! I was flat broke and the cupboards are bare!!

Well, I don't have to remind you that most of the apartment is bare after yesterday's little living room bonfire; all the things made of wood or paper are now a fairly impressive pile of ash where the furniture used to be. The only things left are made of plastic. But I had to find something of value that I could hock for food among the surviving items!

My first thought was to try to sell the computers, but it seemed like that would make Chris mad. The TV was out of the question; I think Joan of Arcadia is new tomorrow night. Once again, the answer came to me like a beacon of light from the bedroom—the R2D2 fully functional droid! Of course!

I grabbed ole R2 and carried him down to the pawn shop. It seemed like I could get at least $5 for him…I just wanted enough for a nice box of Froot Loops. The pawn shop man was skeptical of course…until I fired up ole R2 and demonstrated how he has a special arm specially designed to hold a can of beer and bring it to his master on command! Woooo boy! I made out like a bandit: $5.50! Enough even for some milk! That's one fine meal!


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