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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Failure of the Day: Would You Believe?

There's a bar in my neighborhood called Would You Believe? Cocktails, and it's totally my favorite bar even though I've never been there. Not once. Since 19 fucking 88 for pity's sake. If they would just make alcohol taste good, I would be so much more motivated to go to bars (but that's a whole other blog entry). It's just such a great name!

Here's the thing. One of the phrases I say with some regularity is Could you believe it? I say that all the time. But now whenever I say that, Chris says Could you believe cocktails!! All gleeful like. And it drives me CRAZY because A) it's WOULD not could, and B) it really is every single damn time and I can't believe that I am actually incapable of even being conditioned out of my little verbal tics. I just never learn. My brain is an anti-Skinner box. It's been going on for weeks and there has not been one instance when I was able to remember the negative reinforcement and say something else. And that's just nuts.

In a bit of unrelated news, it looks like I'll be taking part in a reading this Friday night at Theatre Spanganga at 19th and Mission. Spanganga is closing at some point in the immediate future and since I read there almost exactly a year ago for the first of Tarin's Chick Nites, she's putting together as many of the former Chick Nite performers as possible to each do a few minutes. I can personally vouch for at least some of the folks who read during the run of the Chick Nites, so it should be cool.


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