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Friday, May 30, 2003

Failure of the Day: RG Taylor Properties

HO-LEEE shit. You will not believe this. You will just not believe it. I can't believe it.

So when we moved back to SF, Barnes and Noble said they would pay out the rest of our lease (3 months) since we were moving for work. Fine.

Apparently, they have not been incredibly speedy in making those payments, much to the frustration of our old landlord. Who was pretty nuts to begin with; she once called me 4 times in a single day to arrange giving us new door stops, 'cause that's, y'know, a vital part of an apartment. She also changed the all the locks in the building 3 times in one year and called our neighborhood (equivalent to Noe valley) the "inner city."

So yesterday I got a notice from her (first we've heard from her in 3 months) about the rent payments for the broken lease, which I don't really care about. But here's the thing: she also quite suddenly decided that our apartment was so dirty when we left it as to render it "uninhabitable." Can you imagine? If you are reading this blog, odds are good that you have actually been to our apartment either in Seattle or SF, so you KNOW how clean Chris keeps it at all times.

On top of that, the idiot did a walk-through the day before we moved out and filled out a form (of which we got a copy) detailing the condition of the place, and she checked off nearly everything on it as excellent, or at least good. She thanked us repeatedly for taking such good care of the place and said she wished all of her tenants were as clean as us.

And now suddenly, the place is uninhabitable. I have her signature on a document that says otherwise, but she still thinks she can bill us for $1600 in cleaning fees. It's unbelievable! I'm furious. And I'm sick to my stomach at the greed and mendacity of people.

My lesson of the day: Do NOT trust your landlords no matter how nice they are to you. Take photographs when you move in and take photographs when you move out. My landlord right now seems like a super nice man, but after this, you'd better believe that we will document every single aspect of the condition of this apartment from this point forward.


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