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Friday, May 02, 2003

Failure of the Day: Science

All right, enough of this low-brow, celebrity-obsessed, (and over-hyphenated) crapola. Found this article on a blog I really like, Meme Cauldron (lookie how good I am at adding links now!)

I went through a whole big thing when I was in my early 20s and just coming to know quantum mechanics; I was trying to figure out just what's so weird about, y'know, matter, and I read a lot of books that enabled me to have conversations about things that I didn't understand. I've forgotten most of the bits that I did manage to grasp, and the rest of it was never really mine to remember, but the part that stuck is how great the vocabulary is.

And now everybody talks about the tired old uncertainty principle and usually gets it just precisely wrong but it's kind of Ok by me because the term " uncertainty principle" is so great that I don't mind hearing it misused because I just like hearing it in general.

And now we have Charm and Strange. It is almost enough to make me wish I were single again (but not really) because that's such a perfect personal ad header. And then add to that that these particle thingies represent a failure of theory…jesus, it's just got Nancy written all over it.

In my never-ending search for a title for my novel, I think seriously I will find it, not in the lines of one of Sexton's Transformations poems, but in a paper by some shmo at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.


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