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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Failure of the Day: David Mamet Rampage!

It's mostly been windy in the City lately, but in my apartment, it rains every night. And then the swearing starts.

For over a month now, Chris has been on a strict diet of at least one David Mamet movie per day. He's obsessed. He comes home from work and gleefully tells me three times to go lunch. Or he whispers though a grin so big it's hard to understand him, "This office is run like bullshit." And that's because this week's daily viewing has been Glengarry Glen Ross. It was a nice change of pace at first, after last week's cavalcade of The Spanish Prisoner, which we HATED the first time we saw but a certain portion of this "us" I refer to seems to have had a change of heart.

The switch from TSP to GGR came earlier this week when I marched into the bedroom and demanded to be entertained until my pasta was finished boiling. I asked Chris to show me the new Fountains of Wayne video on Ifilm, which he did, but they also have a short film called Glengarry Glen Darth, which I suggest you view tout suite. By the time I sat down to eat my linguine, GGR was in the DVD player and hasn't been removed since.

Before the Spanish Prisoner-a-thon, it was Heist. I'm frankly surprised that one doesn't make it into the rotation more often—Chris has a powerful manly love for Gene Hackman, which he apparently shares with both his beloved HooDoo Gurus and Robyn Hitchcock, both of whom have written songs about him. (RH: "In Unforgiven/He was totally mean/But when he got his/I really felt for Gene")

But here's the thing: my favorite Mamet is State and Main, which is hilarious, which we own like all the others, and which we both quote from incessantly. ("You know what you got there? You got a fish hook in your finger!") And that one almost never makes it into the rotation. I think since it's the only one that I saw before he did, it's like, girl-ified or something. I dunno. I'm just talking out loud.

Anyway, I expect next week we'll be back to House of Games and the cycle will start anew.


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