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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Failure of the Day: Air America Radio

If you don't know, you can listen at AirAmericaRadio.com. And can I just tell you that the high point so far was when Al Gore called in while Michael Moore was in the studio as a guest.

Al Franken: "Michael…is there something you want to say to Al?"
Michael Moore: "Al?"
Al Gore: "Yes, Michael?"
MM: "I'm…I'm really sorry."

Moore went on to eat what I thought was an appropriate amount of shit for the whole terribly unfortunate Nader short-sightedness and promised not to make that mistake again. It was lovely, really, and not just because I am small and petty and really enjoy my I Told You So dance. I am still not prepared to be officially hopeful that Bush's DeathStar campaign bank account will be beaten, but it is nice to at least hear something on the media that isn't audio ipecac.


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