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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Failure of the Day: All of Last Week

We were sick again this week. It's like there is only one virus and we are catching it one symptom at a time. It was Chris's week to cough, and my week to sneeze. As per this particularly unusual spate of illness, Chris was worse than me and had to miss a couple days work. Poor thing could barely speak a complete sentence without doubling over with cough. Then on Wednesday his car broke down on the freeway and needed a new clutch. Then on Thursday my tooth broke and needed a new crown. I spent Friday at the dentist being reminded of the extent to which my mouth is gaping black hole of death…How many more teeth need crowns? Nine. Nine more teeth need crowns. Each of those may also need a root canal. So go ahead. Argue with me that my body doesn't hate me.

On the upside, the Novocain wore off just in time to avoid making me lisp during my short set on Friday night, which was nicely received if I do say so myself. We left rudely and immediately afterward because of the aforementioned Novocain wearing off and, you know, Ow, and because we were starving—neither of us had had time to eat before the reading thanks to the guy who needed to have a good long think on the side of the bridge.

For the record, I remained surprisingly chipper throughout. I can't begin to guess why but for such a crappy week, we both did a superb job of getting everything taken care of quickly and efficiently. Both the car and my mouth were fixed within 24 hours of their misfortunes, and with a minimum of fuss. Furthermore, Chris seems to have been genuinely delighted by Hellboy, which I also thought was just fine.

There's more, both good and bad but really all I want to show you is this, which wins hands down for news story of the week as far as I'm concerned.


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